• We combine BIM & VR to deliver a fully immersive experience, taking your clients inside their new BIM model, virtually providing a far greater experience than viewing construction drawings. Viewers are instantly immersed in a true three dimensional environment that gives an incredible sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness that simply cannot be matched by traditional enders, animations or physical scale models. VR becomes an incredibly powerful tool for communicating design intent.
  • With our BIM & VR solutions, you can simulate construction processes in a virtual environment, optimizing construction sequences.
  • VR & AR technologies can also provide a solution to a technical installation of a product in action, such as HVAC or a pump physically present in a space. The service engineer can look at objects with the device and immediately see real-time data on working hours, scheduled maintenance and any errors. The engineer can carry out maintenance or remove jams with the use of clear visual instructions provided by the manufacturer. In addition, VR & AR devices also have a camera on board, in case you need a second pair of eyes as a service engineer. Simply pressing a button will allow your colleague or manufacturer to have a look and help you get started.

Explore Virtual Reality Modeling Possibilities

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Discover the difference VR can make in your BIM-specific projects.
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