BIM studios for the Construction Industry

A number of firms now work in BIM. It saves time and money. Those firms are potentially your competitors and they’re growing by taking this approach.

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We’ll get you started with an EIR
(What are Employer’s Information Requirements)?


We’ll set you up with a BIM protocol
(BIM Protocol Explained)


We’ll create an MIDP
(Master Information Delivery Plan)


We’ll create a CDE
(What is a Common Data Environment)?


We’ll build a Federated Model
(What is a Federated Model)


We’ll help with model handover
(Employer Information Requirement)

If your firm is not yet set up for BIM, and you have a project that requires it or would like to benefit from this essential tool, BIM Studios will set up the entire BIM process and manage the information flow for the entire project lifecycle between client, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers.

If you need a BIM Level 2 Certification for your next proposal, BIM Studios can show you how to add the power of BIM to your next project.

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Add BIM to your process and save time and money.
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